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ИООО Кодоньотто Бел 

 ИООО «Кодоньотто Бел» представляет в  Республике Беларусь группу компаний Codognotto, основанную в 1955 году в Италии, и уже на протяжении 60 лет, успешно работающую в сфере транспортно – экспедиционных услуг во внутри европейском и в международном сообщении.


The Codognotto Group takes care of integrated logistics management, road transport and sea/air transportservices for leading companies all over the world.

Our goal is to transport your goods safely, reliably and on time.

We’ve grown from an Italian family-owned transport provider to a global third party logistics supplier with nearly 2,000 vehicles and a presence in the EU, the UAE, India, Singapore.

We want to make the transportation process more efficient and your business more competitive as a result. So while we provide on-the-ground operations support, we also use the latest techniques to slash delivery times and simplify the entire process. Our consultants look to optimise the production chain at every stage, streamlining where needed and innovating where appropriate, allowing us to respond quickly and practically to challenges as they arise.

We aim for complete cooperation with our customers. We ensure all of our clients are in touch with a personal agent in their territory every day – someone who understands your needs more instinctively than someone in a remote office.

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